Celebrating plunge anniversary!

Hosted by Florence LeBas
Featuring Drip, Drip, Drip, Bitch, written and performed by Priyanka Voruganti; In Blue, written by Ran Xia and performed by Sharlee J. Taylor, Finn Kilgore, and Andrea Lopez; The Cats, written and performed by Victoria Giambalvo; When Our Voices Fail Us We Will Find New Ways to Sing by Robert Gonyo; Homo Sapiens, part of Climate Change Theatre Action 2017, written by Chantal Bilodeau, performed by Julia Levine and Veronica Orech; #apocalypsenow by Jordan G. Teicher, performed by Diane Chen, Sarah White, Sharlee J. Taylor, and Charlotte Arnoux; Morbid Obesity Surprise Intervention Birthday Party by Amy Gijsberg van Wijk; Bloom, written and performed by Laurence Dreyfuss; A movement piece by Yael Nachajon; Coquí, written by Caitlin Ronan, performed by Lizzy Ann Lincoln; and excerpts from The Tooth Puller (currently playing at The PIT) by The Department of Fools

Photos Courtesy of Ran Xia