From the Arctic Humans: King Me (by Victoria Giambalvo, performed by Charlotte Arnoux and Ran Xia), Out In The Woods Now (by Ran Xia, performed by Victoria Giambalvo, Christopher Erlendson, and Harrison Wilkie), A Monologue For Feeling A Little Bad (by Charlotte Arnoux, performed by Florence LeBas)

Host: Adrian Burke

Guest Artists: Battle and Doubt (Rap battle by Jordon Waters and Adam Bourque), Man From Michigan (by Jake Beck, with Serena Berman, Trey Fillmore, and sound by Adrian Bridges), Sonar by Sean Jenny, and Curtains by Catherine Spino

Special international collaboration: Fire Hazard (Origami & Video by Cristian Marianciuc aka Icarus.Mid.Air based in Maldova)


Created by Icarus.Mid.Air (Cristian Marianciuc)

From the artist:
I remember being in primary school and my teacher telling us that she had something very serious to tell us.
I immediately panicked and started going through a mental list of everything I considered “serious” back then. My first reaction was to look at my fingernails - every now and then the school nurse would do a surprise check of how clean everyone’s fingernails and handkerchiefs were and publicly shame those who did not comply with the rules. Even back then I was a very “hands on” person, so my hands and fingernails would always reveal my secrets and whereabouts.

But that day the nurse had better things to do. Instead, we were told about the evil nature of matches and how fire is one of a child’s worst enemies. I could feel my fingers twitching for fear of being burnt. Somehow, fire had become something more than just a thing: it almost had a personality in my head.

For some reason, this is the inspiration behind my piece on Fire Hazard: fire as a force, an even an entity.

Photos Courtesy of Charlotte Arnoux