Harmony started as a virtual project in Shanghai, China in response to governmental Internet control. There’s a political concept in China: to build a society of Harmony. Harmony, translated to Chinese, are these characters: 和谐. Those two characters are pronounced the same as these other two characters: 河蟹 which means “the river crab”. Over the past years, “the river crab” has become a symbol of silent rebellion of Chinese millennials. This form of “double talk”, represents notes of disharmony against an illusion of the “main theme”, a melody composed by politicians, or the 1%, to diminish the voices of the population.

There are similar situations in various parts of the world where the people are fed with an illusion to comply with someone’s political agenda. Therefore, we are re-activating this project, in response to the current political climate. And we’re inviting you be one of the voices of dissonance. We want to hear your stories so we can create our own harmony.

Premiered on Jan 21, 2017 at Dixon Place. Coming up at HERE Arts Center on Feb 8, 2017 as part of the Sanctuary Series


Images from performance at HERE Arts Center as part of the Sanctuary series, on Feb 8, 2016. Dancers featuring Marissa Stewart, Laura Kruegel, and Rebecca Strimaitis of Crash Theatre Co. Choreography by Marissa Stewart. Production Design by Ran Xia. Photographs by Charlotte Arnoux.